Caribbean Cruise Day 9 – Guadeloupe aka Lotta Nope

Day 9 of the cruise and we hit an island that wasn’t on our original schedule. The French owned island of Guadeloupe. The highlight of the day is being in the EU so we can once again turn our phones on and use our mobile data at no extra cost.  Other than that, it’s a bit of a nothing day.

We had made plans with my sister last night to find a beach as it’s Sunday and expected that very little will be open here. Upon waking, my wife decided she no longer fancied the beach. This boat has been sending her a little stir crazy. Usually on our holidays she wants to go everywhere and do everything. Needless to say, my sister arrived ready for the beach and some small arguments ensued. We settled on going for breakfast because we clearly haven’t eaten enough on this trip yet. Back to the buffet once more for continental with a hint of hand sanitizer.

We saw my cousins wife, that’s not how I would normally refer to her, she does have a name but you have probably noticed I’ve opted to leave the names out. She invited us to sit with them. The rest of the family had made no plans other than having a walk around the town, we decided to join them. H decided she wanted some time alone and left to do her own thing. This trip has not agreed with her and she is slowly losing her mind to it.

I had Frosties for breakfast as I’d quite like to be able to continue wearing clothes for the rest of the trip. I had a near miss with a trouser seem that made the faintest of ripping sounds and have genuinely stuck to my vow of no lifts, so far. I even ran up the stairs from deck 5 to deck 11 to retrieve my hat.

I arrived down at the designated meeting spot to find more drama, cousins were missing as one had gone to find Toddlers room key (yes even a 2 yr old has to keep track of their on board spending) and the other had gone to a different disembarkation point. The Father of the Bride was screwing as he hates hanging around waiting and my Aunt had gone to try and round people up. Typical family stuff I imagine.

Everyone arrived at last and we went into town. The town itself was pretty dead, everyone spoke french and everything was in Euros, another nice surprise. Funnily enough, the market you have to go through to get from the harbour to the town was open and the duty free shop you have to return through were open, even if most of the shops in between were closed. I was tempted to by some saffron as it was on sale at a ludicrously low price, on closer inspection, it was clearly just turmeric. Every single stall that sold spices, which was almost all of them, had it labelled wrong so I guess that’s just the name for it here.

Held Toddlers hand as we walked, he’s a good kid, yet still no hint if he remembers starting a gang and setting up a secret handshake. I used my data privileges to download some kindle books and headed back to the feeding troughs for lunch with L.  We opted for a swim in the adult pool as it now has water in it, and no kids. The water was pretty damn cold but the hot tub was a welcome reprieve. It was just the two of us at first, then a few others joined in, before finally we were joined by the Hair People.

I have observed them a few times on this rip and I’ve gone from assuming a mother and her daughter with boyfriend, to a mother with two kids to a mother, with a strange daughter and a toy boy. I am now convinced the older lady and the young male are lovers.

The evenings entertainment was once again the 4tunes. Easily the most popular show on the ship and so far, the only good one. It took some persuading my wife to come but we had an early dinner and got some decent seats this time. The horizon had promised us a Take That song but it never arrived, more show-tunes with witty interludes and a repeat of Bohemian Rhapsody from the first show due to popular demand. We rounded out the evening by touring the shops where I purchased a new puzzle book and then headed to bed as we have an early start in the morning. Exciting stuff.

Sunset over Guadeloupe – Photo by Technicalbob


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